Introducing FlyHondaJet

FlyHondaJet is a private jet club based in London for those that want the convenience of having their own private jet on demand but without the ownership costs. No capital investment required, cancel your membership at any time, just pay for the hours you use at a transparent fixed hourly rate.

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About Us

FlyHondaJet is a private jet club based at Farnborough airport near London. The club operates a single fleet of Hondajet aircraft, the most technologically advanced aircraft in its class.

FlyHondaJet members enjoy all the benefits of owning their own private jet but without the ownership costs. Members can buy blocks of 10 flight hours at a set price which covers everything apart from landing & handling fees which vary depending on the airport.

FlyHondaJet safety standards are extremely high. The aircraft operations are professionally managed by Bookajet ( and the continuing airworthiness management (CAMO) is provided by Tyler Aeronautica ( who ensure the aircraft is maintained properly. The club always uses two qualified pilots who hold FAA & UK CAA commercial pilot licences and are type rated with Flight Safety International.


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Aircraft performance

The Hondajet is the best light jet in the world. It can fly at 43,000 ft above the bumpy weather and above airlines allowing for more direct routings. Its maximum cruise speed of 422 kts (782 kph) is faster than its competitors, the Phenom 100 and Citation M2, with a maximum cruise speed of around 400 kts. The GE Honda engines are very quiet and fuel efficient resulting in materially lower fuel consumption and emissions compared to other private jets.


The Hondajet is a beautifully quiet aircraft with four passenger seats in club configuration and a fifth passenger seat opposite the door. There is also a fully enclosed flushing lavatory at the rear of the aircraft. One of the main benefits of flying privately is the seamless ground experience. Our aircraft is based at Farnborough airport which provides an unrivalled premium air travel experience. Typically you can arrive at the private jet terminal 15 minutes before your flight and we will have the engines started one minute after you board. On arrival you should be in your private car within 10 minutes of landing. 

Range & payload

The Hondajet can accommodate four adults or two adults and three children comfortably. The baggage compartment is generous (57 cubic feet) with a maximum mass of 180kg and can accommodate several large suitcases, skis and golf clubs. The maximum range of the aircraft is around 900 nautical miles which is the approximate distance from London to Malaga. Like any aircraft there is always a trade-off between range and payload but for most 1.5 hour flights within Europe, the Hondajet is the ideal aircraft.

Our crew

A key benefit of being part of the Flyhondajet club as opposed to getting a charter aircraft is that you will get to know our crew. We are very proud of our crew, all of them hand picked for their experience, technical expertise and their customer service.


Personal membership costs £2,000 per annum with corporate membership £5,000 per annum. Flying hours are available at a fixed rate of £2,500 per flight hour (take-off to landing) in blocks of ten hours. This covers all flight costs except for landing/handling fees (on average around £500 per landing) and any catering requirements. Members will also need to pay for any aircraft positioning costs bearing in mind the aircraft is hangered at Farnborough. Typically for trips returning the same or next day, the crew and aircraft will wait for the passengers to avoid positioning costs. For longer stays the member will need to pay for the aircraft to position back to Farnborough. For more information please contact